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What are Bar Carts? And Why Every Wine Collector Needs One in Their Life

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One of the many joys of being a wine collector is presenting the wine to your friends. Outside of a classic collection on your wine racks, there’s one thing that makes any wine lover geek out: a Bar Cart.

You have seen them at restaurants and maybe even your friend’s house (with a tinge of envy). Here’s all you need to know about Wine Bar Carts and why any wine storage fan should own one.

Definition of Bar Carts

Bar Carts are fashionable wheeled cabinets designed to hold alcohol, glasses and other alcohol-related items. For Wine Fans, they are the ultimate item to show off to their friends. Bar Carts can be used in different locations, including living rooms, weddings, functions, restaurants and parties. What sets them apart from smaller wine cabinets is that they are mobile.


Industrial French Bar Cart with Wine

Industrial French Bar Cart


Now, let's look at why they are a must-have for wine lovers!

They Offer Short-Term Wine Storage that is Closer Than Your Wine Racks

If you have wine that you are planning on drinking in the near future, it can be handy to have them on-hand and close by. Rather than keep them on your wine racks, Bar Carts allow you to keep them in whatever living space you wish while still maintaining a classy look to your collection.

Wooden Bar Cart

Wooden Bar Cart

They Simply Look Amazing and Can Double as Interior Furniture

There’s no hiding it: for many people, the biggest perk of owning a Bar Cart is that they look amazing. A well-made Bar Cart has the same craftsmanship and artistry that a classic wine rack has.

What’s more, is that they also act as impressive interior furniture. There are countless styles to choose from, including Industrial French Bar Carts, Contemporary Timber Bar Carts and Marble Bar Carts. Whatever your living space is, you can be sure that there is a bar car to compliment its style.

 Marble Bar Cart

 Marble Bar Cart

They are Show Stoppers at Dinner Parties

Let’s be honest, Bar Carts bring the wow factor to dinner parties regardless of if you’re a wine connoisseur or not. They are a fun and eye-catching surprise at a party and a great conversation starter.

They allow you to proudly show off (some of) your wine collection without having to bring guests into your wine room or wine cellar. PS: there is nothing quite like offering champagne to your guests straight from a Bar Cart.

Contemporary Timber Bar Cart

Contemporary Timber Bar Cart

Bar Carts are Multi-Purpose

Wine Bar Carts are not just aesthetically pleasing - they are also highly functional. In addition to wine bottles, Bar Carts can hold wine glasses, wine buckets, and other paraphernalia. They are even used to hold food spreads like cheese and crackers. You can think of them as the Swiss Army Knife of short-term Wine Storage.

Contemporary Bar Cart

Contemporary Bar Cart

Where to Buy Premium Bar Carts in Australia

Are you ready to add a wine geek’s dream to your house and own a Bar Cart? Check out Wine Stash’s impressive range of Bar Carts today. The wine lover in you will thank you!

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