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4 Wine Barrel Storage Ideas - And Why You Need Them For Your Wine Collection

  • 3 min read

Wine Barrels have been used since ancient times, so it’s never surprising when they evolve in creative and eye-catching ways by wine enthusiasts. Whether it’s a fun way to store your wine collection, or a show-stopping way to serve it to your guests, wine barrels are a must-have for any wine lover. Below we’ll be talking about four wine barrel storage ideas, and why you need them for your wine collection! 

Motorised Wine Barrel

Motorised Wine Barrel

The motorised wine barrel is for wine obsessors what a prized hotrod is for classic car fans. This breathtaking wine barrel is handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia and never fails to impress guests or customers. With the simple press of a button, your display rises with ease and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the room.

Underneath the barrel lid, it has recessed LED lights that shine down onto your wine glasses. It can hold up to 16 hanging wine glasses (depending on their size), and space for wine bottles. To charge it, you simply need to plug it into the PowerPoint overnight. 

For anyone looking for a centrepiece that has that extra ‘wow-factor’, this is a perfect choice. 

Find out more here. 

Iron Wine Barrel 

Iron Wine Barrel

Looking for a stylish way to showcase your wine for guests? The Iron Wine Barrel is crafted from 100% Wrought Iron with a Rustic Wood Top, achieving a fantastic rustic aesthetic that can be used in virtually any space. This Wine Barrel holds a total capacity of 80 wine bottles while offering a space for wine accessories. It also has a small cabinet door in its upper frame so that you don’t need to open the barrel up each time. 

This showstopper has built-in stemware racks, bottle racks and wine glass holders and showcases a mid-century antique look while doubling as an impressive piece of furniture. 

Find out more here. 

Cork Barrel 

Cork Barrel

This barrel utilises a unique and fun way to make use of your used corks. Cork Barrels act as a centrepiece to present your wine corks after every drink. Whether for the home or at a pub, these popular barrels can act as sofa tables, drink stands and even kitchen ornaments.

Wine Stash’s stylish range of cork barrels come in three sizes and even hold a central plaque allowing you to personalise your barrel with your name or a message of your choice. 

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Authentic Wine Barrels (Repurposed)

Authentic Wine Barrel

For wine fans who love a timeless look, these barrels are authentic wine barrels that have been retrofitted with an internal wine rack that stores up to 24 bottles of your favourite wines. Each wine barrel was previously used during the production of Australian wine and has been handcrafted into a classic design that doubles as tables, bars and centrepieces.

They fit right at home in bars, pubs and home settings. For anyone wanting to store their wine in a way that goes against the grain. 

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How to Store Your Wine The Right Way 

Wine storage might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you learn some simple (but important basics), you’ll be storing your wine like a pro. You can check out the blog about Wine Storage 101 here to help get you started. 

Whether you’re looking for premium wine storage collections or wine cabinets, Wine Stash has a fantastic range that any wine connoisseur would love. 

For all your wine storage and wine accessory needs, check out Wine Stash’s online store. 

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